1 LIO = 1.75 Euro

The easiest way to earn LIOcoin every day.

what is mining?

When one speaks of digging cryptocurrency, one means the computer-assisted solving of complex computing tasks. Anyone who wants to mine cryptocurrency inevitably needs at least one powerful computer that is equipped with hardware that can quickly solve arithmetic operations. In addition, special software and a permanent, stable internet connection are required.

As is known, the basis for cryptocurrency is a technology called blockchain. It stores entries (in this case crypto transactions) in a long list, which consists of blocks. To ensure that this process continues to work, additional blocks must be generated by the cryptocurrency mining. At the same time, new coins are distributed every time, which are credited to the successful miner.

LIOcoin cloud mining

With cloud mining , you don't need your own expensive hardware or have to be familiar with the software setup.

You simply “rent” the appropriate resources. The specialist for CloudMining of LIOcoins. LIOning Service Ltd. will take care of building up your LIOcoin assets for the next 36 months.

This is how you earn your LIOcoin in your sleep
- day after day

Is mining at home worth it?

A few years ago, "HomeMining" was an attractive alternative to buying currency through exchanges. Today, however, the situation has changed significantly and crypto mining in Germany is in most cases no longer worthwhile.

Mining crypto coins requires very good, cost-intensive hardware, which is often associated with high power consumption. In most cases, the cost of mining alone exceeds the final profit.

The limitation of most KryptoCoins increases the level of difficulty of the arithmetic operations to be solved, so that they can no longer be solved quickly enough by the "home PC".

LIOning handles everything for you

- No previous knowledge of software and hardware necessary
- No risk of failure (full service package included)
- Guaranteed minimum yield
- Individual mining packages
- Procurement of the hardware
- Set up the software
- Operation and maintenance
- Billing and booking
- Bundling many miners into a strong community
- Insurance


That sounds good - AND NOW?

The specialists at LIOning want to offer almost every interested party the opportunity to participate in cloud mining. We have put together various packages for you.

Being able to choose the right package online makes it very easy to immediately and easily become part of the cloud / community and successfully mine LIOcoin.